40 Game-Changing Fitness Experts Shaping The Industry

The word expert gets way too much use these days.

But we all have people we look up to: fitness experts, guru’s, mentors, teachers, leaders etc.

Whatever you call them, they are people that have a massive influence in your life and your body transformation.

Since starting my career as a personal trainer and discovered the wonderful world of inter-webs I have come across so many real-life experts, real-life guru’s (as much as I hate that word!).

I’m talking about people that have worked their backsides of earning their respect from their clients, community, readers and even haters.

I’m talking about people that let results speak for themselves, they walk the talk, they practice what they preach and their not afraid to tell the truth and say what they think. Even if that means going against the grain.

So without further ado here they are in no particular order.

Travis Jones

1) Travis Jones

This dude deserves the number one spot for a good reason.

He’s a fellow aussie!

He is without a doubt the one entrepreneur in the Australian fitness industry that is absolutely on a whole different level to the rest of the industry.

He owns a huge warehouse gym by the name of results based training. He also runs the infamous online fat loss program Transform in 28. Which I have personally done myself.

But apart from all of those things this dude lives and breathes fitness, as well as being a massive go-giver!

He practices what he preaches, he walks the talk and he is the real deal.

The one thing that I love about this guy is that he is really challenging the industry here in Australia by going against the norm and doing things his way. Learn from Travis as much as you can and you have a big advantage above everyone else.

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Mark Sisson

2) Mark Sisson

Would you listen to someone thats 58 and has a six pack? I know i would!

In my eyes Mark Sisson is the ‘father of paleo’. He is the first person that I read about on paleo eating.

I bought his book The Primal Blueprint and fell in love with it straight away. Some may argue Loren Cordain and others were the founders of paleo.

But Mark Sisson is the ‘unbiased new age cool paleo guy’ unlike others that tend to be dogmatic about certain areas of the Paleo Diet Mark isn’t.

That’s why Im a big fan of his.

His blog has over 300,000 subscribers and a massive forums section to help get you started and chat to others.

If you want to get started with the Paleo Diet then this is the guy to go to. He has a massive range of resources and products to get you started

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Dr John Beradi

3) John Beradi

John Beradi is the most unbiased guy working in the health and fitness industry I know of.

He believes that people from all walks of life – from soccer stars to soccer coaches to soccer moms – should have access to the most recent developments in health, exercise, and nutrient science.

No matter what article you read and program you get from him, the number one thing that sets himself apart from everyone one his peers, is that he looks at things from an unbiased position. No matter what they topic.

He has competed at a fairly high level in the following sports: track and field, rugby, and football and the 1995 the Mr Jr USA bodybuilding champion!

Beradi’s most popular products are The Precision Nutrition System and The Lean Eating Coaching Program.

Both of which I have purchased and completed.

His Lean Eating Coaching program boast a very nice success rate compared to other programs.

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Martin Berkham

4) Martin Berkhan

Martin is the owner of the well-known leangains site. He is considered the one that brought intermittent fasting to mainstream and I thank him for that!

Martin proves on his site that you can do intermittent fasting and build muscle as well as lose body fat. Just go through all his client pictures.

He likes to myth-bust a lot on his site and do the complete opposite of what everyone else says like skipping breakfast, working out fasted, eat carbs at night just to name a few.

He also boasts a ridiculously low bodyfat percentage whilst binging on cheesecake which he likes to call ‘cheesecake mastery’.

Martin works as a nutritional consultant, magazine writer and personal trainer.

His Lean Gains site is dedicated to his approach to intermittent fasting, which shatters peoples preconceived notions on how to eat for muscle gain and fat loss.

Try it and let me know how it goes. I do it and I absolutely love it!

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Gary Tabues

5) Gary Tabues

An outspoken American science writer that has caused an upright roar in the weight loss and nutrition industry for proving out current cure of obesity.

He has publicly questioned jillian michaels, dr oz, dean ornish, as well as the major associations like american heart association, etc.

He is the author of Nobel Dreams (1987), Bad Science: The Short Life and Weird Times of Cold Fusion (1993), and Good Calories, Bad Calories (2007), which is titled The Diet Delusion in the UK.

He has won the Science in Society Award of the National Association of Science Writers three times and was awarded an MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellowship for 1996-97.

Taubes gained prominence in the low-carb diet debate following the publication of his 2002 New York Times Magazine piece “What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?”.

He proves that the medical community and the federal government of the United States of America have relied upon misinterpreted scientific data on nutrition to build the prevailing paradigm about what constitutes healthful eating.

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Jason Ferrugia

6) Jason Ferrugia

A renegade bay dude at heart, strength coach, author, old school hip hop head and a minimalist.

He’s been in the industry over 18 years and trained over 700 clients, he is highly regarded in the circles as a leader in the field.

He owns several popular books: Muscle Gaining Secrets, The Renegade Diet & Mass Building Sins.

I have got muscle gaining secrets and the renegade diet book and I am absolutely stoked about them.

This guy is all about hard work and spends the majority of his time in the trenches.

Jason’s primary mission with this blog is to empower you with the knowledge to transform your body, change your life and break free from all the rubbish that pervades the fitness industry.

So he knows exactly what he’s doing.

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Brad Pilon

7) Brad Pilon

The author of the very popular intermittent fasting book: Eat Stop Eat.

Within the circles Brad and Mark Berkhan are the two leaders in the intermittent fasting field.

Brad’s background is Applied Human Nutrittion.

His first job was a research analysist, then a research development manager.

He then went back to academia later writing the infamous Eat Stop Eat Book.

The thing that I like about brad is that he is very unbiased and presents both sides of the stories.

Which is very uncommon in this dogmatic industry.

He probably has one the most relaxed eating and workout routines, yet still has an amazing physique.

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Dax Moy

8) Dax Moy

Talk about guru’s, gee. Dax moy is the highest paid personal trainer in the UK charing 200 pounds per hour!

Apart from an awesome english accent, you speak to any of the top names in the industry and dax moy’s name will definitely be mentioned.He’s a former soldier who came to the industry 13 years ago.

He trains everyone from A-list actors to athletes, pop-stars to polar explorers, soldiers to stay at home mums, members of parliament, CEO’s, Royalty and practically everyone in between.

He shares his knowledge and expertise with the personal training industry, leading the way setting the bar for everyone else.

Dax has authored the best-selling ‘MAGIC Hundred’ Goal Achievement Plan which has been used by thousands of people worldwide to achieve their goals faster and easier than ever as well as the now famous ‘Elimination Diet Plan’ which has been downloaded and used by over 140,000 around the world to achieve outstanding fitness and fatloss results.

He also operates the VIP business class type Personal Trainer Elite program where clients get a complete holistic transformation in tropical locations all over the world.

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John Romaniello

9) John Romaniello

This best describes John, directly from his site: “Author, coach, and self-professed pretty-boy John Romaniello runs Roman Fitness Systems with a tongue-in-cheek approach to fitness–and himself–that shows a genuine love/hate relationship with both.”

Equal parts narcissism and self-loathing, Roman writes with passion and humor, show-casing his belief that training doesn’t need to be the serious, stern, science-laden monotony that is pervasive in the industry.”

For a fairly young guy John has certainly earn’t the respect of his piers through a tonne of hard work and some awesome witty humor.

John is a New York based personal trainer, coach, author of two upcoming books and created and co-created a stack of online fitness and nutrition products.

Roman regularly works with all types of clients, from youth athletes to social media moguls.

His articles have appeared in numerous online and print publications, such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, T-Nation.com, SHAPE, Yahoo! Health, Oxygen, Livestrong.com, and the like.

He is everywhere on the net.

He says: “Chances are, if you’ve picked up a fitness magazine in the past few years, you have either seen me or read something of mine.”

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Andreas Eenfeldt

10) Andreas Eenfeldt

Arnold Schwarzenegger eat’s low carb and lots of butter and cheese?

No, that’s just a swedish doctor and expert low carb blogger by the name of Andreas Eenfeldt with a voice like Arnie.

He is a medical doctor that specializes in family medicine.

He originally started a swedish blog talking about health and low carb which became a huge success over there.

So he decided to have a english version.

How did that go?

Well, he has 7,214 likes on his facebook page and 2,935 twitter followers for his blog.

Not only is he a huge source of knowledge but one thing like I like about him is his transparency and how he’s always so unbiased and never dogmatic about fitness and nutrition specifically.

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Robb Wolf

11) Robb Wolf

A former biochemist and a former Californian State powerlifting champion? How does that work!

He’s the New York Times Best Selling author of The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet.

A student of Prof. Loren Cordain, author of The Paleo Diet.

Robb has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world via his top ranked geeky but funny iTunes podcast, book and seminars.

Robb has worked as a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, is co-founder of the nutrition and athletic training journal, The Performance Menu, co-owner of NorCal Strength & Conditioning, one of the Men’s Health “top 30 gyms in America”.

If there is any science related, geeky questions to ask. Robb is the go-to guy.

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Kelly Starrett

12) Kelly Starrett

Kelly Starrett is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and creator of this Infamous Mobility WOD, which has changed how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.

He’s officially turned a very not-so-sexy topic into a very attractive topic that is fun, easy and digestable!

Kelly founded San Francisco CrossFit with his wife and fellow athlete Juliet.

Since opening its doors in 2005 as one of the first 50 CrossFit Affiliates, this athletic training center has become the prime coaching resource for reigning Olympians, national and world champions, tri-athletes, runners, and recreational athletes alike.

Kelly’s clients have included Olympic gold-medalists, world-class extreme skiers and X-Games medalists, dancers with Smuin, San Francisco, and Sacramento Ballet Companies, military personnel, and competitive age-division athletes.

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Jade Teta – Metabolic Effect

13) Metabolic Effect

Metabolic Effect is made up of a team of integrative physicians, clinical nutritionists, personal trainers and life coaches with a combined hundred plus years of clinical experience in natural medicine, fitness and body change.

I absolutely love these guys!

They are doing what everyone else isn’t doing, talking about what everyone else isn’t talking about.

They use a very holistic approach (whatever that word means these days!).

Not just one discipline, but all sorts of disciplines.

I personally have bought their book The ME Diet.

It’s one of my favourite reads.

All in all Metabolic effect are very similar to Precision Nutrition in some ways because of their un-biased, scientifically sound but real-life, actionable advice, methods and strategies.

The Metabolic effect team is made up of: Drs. Jade Teta & Keoni Teta, Jill Coleman, Dr. Jillian Sarno Teta, Gary Leake. 

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Mike Robertson

14) Mike Robertson

Mike is a ‘veteran’ of the industry. Not sure if he likes that word?

Mike is the President of Robertson Training Systems and the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (I-FAST) in Indianapolis, Indiana which was name one of America’s Top 10 Gyms by Men’s Health magazine.

Mike has made a name for himself as one of the premier performance coaches in the world, helping clients and athletes from all walks of life achieve their physique and sports performance goals.

In my eyes Mike is the king of mobility, foam rolling and corrective exercise.

I use a whole bunch of his stuff I have learn’t from him on a daily basis. In particular his foam rolling and assess & correct work.

He also boasts a 635kg total in a powerlifting meet. In his final meet he squatted 240kg, benched 155kg, and deadlifted 242kg.

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BJ Gaddour

15) BJ Gaddour

BJ has certainly transformed himself that’s for sure!

Gaddour is  a Metabolic Training Expert; CEO of StreamFIT.com; Creator of Men’s Health DeltaFit Speed Shred; Listed One of the 100 FITTEST MEN OF ALL-TIME by Men’s Health.

His freakish ability to design crazy and new workouts totally baffles me.

His humour is incredibly ‘pant-wetting’!

BJ is really a rare breed in the fitness industry because he is HILARIOUS! and makes fitness fun.

I have completed his Metabolic Training Certification and have learnt a heap from the course and from all his videos.

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Alwyn Cosgrove

16) Alwyn Cosgrove

Is a REAL-LIFE ‘expert’ a two-time Stage IV Cancer Survivor and underwent a stem cell transplant in June 2006.

Alwyn contributes for several of the country’s leading publications including a regular contributor to Men’s Health magazine.

He’s also co-authored a bunch of books in the “New Rules of Lifting” series and spends his time consulting, training clients, training his staff at Results Fitness, speaking on the fitness lecture circuit and coaching fitness trainers worldwide in their businesses.

For the past decade, with his wife Rachel, Alwyn runs Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, California – which has been twice named one of America’s Top Gyms by Men’s Health magazine, a gym which specializes in programs for real-world, busy people and prides itself on “changing the way fitness is done – period!”

His Two-Tonne Resource: The Results Fitness Ultimate Fat Loss Programming And Coaching System is a must read for any Personal trainer or fitness junkie wanting to actually train people.

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Rachel Cosgrove

17) Rachel Cosgrove

Your probably thinking this is a sexist post because I haven’t included any females yet, I apologize ladies.

So who better to start with then the wife of Alwyn Cosgrove right?!

She is a best selling author of The Female Body Breakthrough, owner of Results Fitness, columnist for Women’s Health Magazine and spokesperson for Secret Deodorant.

A consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as Nike and Gatorade, I was also a contributor to the New York Times Best Seller, The Big Book of Exercises and the Women’s Health Book Look Better Naked.

She is extremely passionate about working and connecting with women of all ages and to teach other fitness professionals.

She have over twenty years of experience in training myself, and for the past fifteen years have been devoted to helping others through personal fitness coaching.

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Joe Defranco

18) Joe Defranco

Joe describes himself as: Owner of DeFranco’s Gym, Physical Preparation Specialist, Entrepreneur, Workaholic, Insomniac, Nike Sneakerhead, Proud father of beautiful twin girls.

I would describe him as the Father Of Modern Age Hardcore Training!

Yes I just made that word up, but not even that word can give Joe enough props.

He pioneered the hardcore, warehouse-type training centers that are now popping up on every corner.

His clientele ranges from elite athletes including: NFL athletes, WWE wrestlers, champion snowboarders, ice-hockey players and even volleyball teams.

You will not find any TV’s, juice bars, fancy locker rooms, air conditioning or “easy listening” music in his gym; what you will find is an incredibly motivating, intense atmosphere; the best training equipment in the world; and some of the most educated coaches in the world!

He even has his own documentary: Strong.

You want old school and new school brutal training? He’s the go-to-guy.

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Nia Shanks

19) Nia Shanks

Is the Leader of the Beautiful Badass Revolution showing you the Sane & Simple Way to Build a Better Body.

Her main goal is to help YOU achieve your health, fitness, and physique goals the Sane and Simple way.

The thing that I love about Nia is that she is the walking and talking billboard for strength training for women. It obviously doesn’t make her bulky, right?

Nia is also the SPF push/pull world record holder for her division with a bench press of 65kg and a deadlift of 3136kg at the bodyweight of 55kg.

She’s devoted to all things health and fitness, loves deadlifting, spending time with her family and crazy dogs, and is a chronic moonwalker.

Her motto is: revolve your eating patterns and training around your life, not vice versa.

She strongly believes that diet and exercise should be made as simple as possible. I couldn’t have said it any better than myself!

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Rusty Moore

20) Rusty Moore

Is a Fitness author, blogger of the very popular site called Fitness Black Book and a self-proclaimed beer connoisseur. His blog is all about getting that lean ‘Hollywood’ look.

Like he says: There is simply a HUGE under-served group of men and women who would rather look like the men and women in James Bond Movies -vs- looking like a Bulky Bodybuilder.

He also says: “I’m not a model by any means, but I do stay in great shape year round. I’m just a guy in his early 40′s who wants to look “GQ” in a suit, but defined on the beach.

I could kill myself and diet down to 4% body fat for a photo, but that is not my style.”

I have personally bought his product strategic cardio and it is definitely scientifically sound in a industry of hype, fads and crazes.

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Neghar Fonooni

21) Neghar Fonooni

Is a Coach, writer, athlete, mom. Lover of all things bacon, avocado and wine and secretly obsessed with Harry Potter.

Neghar is passionate about helping people transform their lives and become the best possible version of themselves.

The reason why I’ve recently become a big fan of Neghar is from her involvement in the Girls Gone Strong Crew.

She is also another walking talking advertisement for women and strength training and women lifting heavy things.

If I was to pick my favorite from the Girls Gone Strong Crew it would be Neghar. But all of the GGS crew are awesome!

As a trainer it so encouraging to see women out there helping other women that it is OK to lift heavy weights and not to be afraid of them!

She is a beast in the gym, she do heavy deadlifts, heavy pullups and heavy kettlebell work as well as crazy flexibility.

She is the whole package. A very well-rounded woman.

She brings her 12 years of training experience to worldwide workshops, numerous fitness publications and her exclusive online coaching program.

Aside from pullups and deadlifts, some of her favorite things include red wine, dark chocolate, traveling, yoga, shopping, collecting books, reading with her son and cuddling with her french bulldog.

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Bret Contreas

22) Bret Contreas

Have you ever heard of the Glute guy?

Well it’s a pleasure to introduce you to Brett – The Glute Guy.

With this knowledge, he created and popularized many new hip-strengthening exercises including the hip thrust.

He has me definitely hooked on the hip thrust, its my go to glute exercise.

Brett is a National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Functional Movement Screen Expert.

He has over 15 years of experience working as a certified personal trainer. Almost longer than I’ve been alive… JOKES!!!

Brett has presented at the Fitness Summit, The YMCA Build Conference, The Get NZ Active Conference, and the SPRINZ Conference, and the NCSA at the Personal Trainer Conference.

He was also named as Oxygen Magazine’s “Glute Expert” in the 2010 Glutes Edition.

What’s even cooler is he has launched a career as a writer and researcher.

He authored the advanced glute training titled Advanced Techniques in Glutei Maximi Strengthening.

He is a peer-reviewed author and a regular contributor to well-known industry publications including T-Nation, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, and MuscleMag.

Each month Contreras reviews 50 of the latest Strength and Conditioning research articles and publishes the findings in a monthly report along with his colleague Chris Beardsley.

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Peter Attai

23) Peter Attai

Peter is an MD, a nutrition enthusiast, president of the non-profit NuSI orgranization.

Which I highly recommend you check out.(http://nusi.org ).

He is the author of the blog ‘The Eating Academy’ as well as having a ridiculous amount of intelligence when it comes to interpreting research.

Which is very hard to find these days.

He is taking a so-called “top-down” and “bottoms-up” approach are necessary to make the world a healthier place tomorrow.

He challenges all the top organizations like: AMA, USDA, ADA, AHA and the NIH.

No I did not make any of those acronyms up, they are actually all read believe it or not.

Peter believe’s that when people actually understand the laws and consequences governing fat storage, they will make the correct choices with what they eat.

That makes to of us, how about you?

He also believe’s that when people actually understand the laws governing fat storage (the way we understand the laws governing gravity), they will make the correct choices about what they eat (the way we make the correct choices about how to avoid the “consequences” of gravity).

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Molly Galbraith

24) Molly Galbraith

Here is another amazing woman from the GGS crew that lifts probably more than the average gym junkie.

A 125kg squat, a 75kg bench, and a 155kg deadlift.

Who’s going to argue with that?

Molly is a coach, gym owner, former figure competitor and a ‘dabbler’ in powerlifting.

She is obsessed with lifting heavy things. What more do I need to say?

Molly is also obsessed with helping other women feel empowered and healthy and helping them achieve the body they desire through intelligent training, quality nutrition and adequate rest and recovery.

She and her business partner Jim Laird work with over 160 clients doing private, semi-private, and group personal training out of their rapidly-expanding 7,500 square foot gym in Lexington, Ky.

She also runs an exclusive online nutrition coaching program and keeps busy writing for sites like EliteFTS.com, MountainDogDiet.com, and acting as an expert contributor to magazines like Experience Life and Oxygen.

Molly is another member of the awesome Girls Gone Strong crew.

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John Kiefer

25) John Kiefer

This dude is one heck of a jacked and ripped geek that’s for sure.

Check out his picture. Agreed?

He also has a Masters in Physics to prove it.

His personal motto is: mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a sound body). Pretty cool huh?

Keifer doesn’t rely on magazine articles, popular opinion, or gym-rat wisdom.

According to him If there’s no evidence in the research literature, then the assumption is that the information is crap. That makes too of us!

In my eyes he has come onto the scene through his totally unconventional program called: Carb Backloading.

Which pretty much goes against the whole only eat carbs in the morning and don’t eat carbs at night-time.

Kiefer combines the best of laboratory research with tried-and-true real-world knowledge to guide himself and those who seek his advice.

I know I do, how about you?

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Jen Comas Keck

26) Jen Comas Keck

Noticing the theme? Strong women!

Jen is a former figure competitor, EliteFTS team member, Girls Gone Strong co-founder, and Fitfluential Ambassador. Writer, nutrition coach and powerlifting dilettante.

What I find convincinly awesome about Jen is that she’s ditched almost all cardio for more effective forms of conditioning such as hill sprints, Prowler pushes, kettlebell swings and AirDyne bike intervals.

That’s hardcore, love it Jen.

She says that she “proudly defy’s the stereotype of the “bulky strong girl”.

Amen sister, can I get an amen?

She aspire’s to show women that you can be multi-faceted in fitness – you can be strong, feminine, flexible, lean and well conditioned!

As well as helping women harness their strength, both physically and mentally.

Jen’s mission is to help women attain their performance & physique goals by harnessing their strength, both physically & mentally.

She’s doing a killer job of it at her blog: Beauty Lies In Strength and the Girls Gone Strong Crew.

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Ben Bruno

27) Ben Bruno

There is no-one that is even in Ben’s league.

He is one of the most creative and talented fitness professionals I know of today.

His ability to come up with such crazy, fun and different variations of exercises is freaky!

He can turn the average lunge, row, squat movement into 10-20 different killer variations.

Apart from having some VERY nice numbers in his squat and deadlifts, he is a Strength Coach, Writer, Training Junkie, and a slef-proclaimed Sports Nut.

Sounds good to me, how about you?

Over at his blog he regularly posts up some awesome links to the best reads of the industry.

There are dead-set about 20-30 links in any given post.

Follow this guy!

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28) Nick Tumminello

Nick is the owner of Performance University International, which provides hybrid strength training & conditioning for athletes and professional educational programs for fitness professionals all over the world.

Nick has become known as the “Trainer of trainers” for his innovative, hybrid fitness training concepts and for his ability to provide simple, honest and immediately applicable solutions to common problems fitness professionals face.

As a Coach/Trainer, Nick works with a select group of clients from Bodybuilders and Figure Models, to professional Fighters and NFL players, to weekend warriors and exercise enthusiasts of all ages.

He also works as the conditioning coach for the Ground Control MMA Fight Team and as the Hybrid Fitness training expert for Team Jaco Clothing. Additionally, Coach Nick is a master instructor for PowerMax 360, RedCord & The Core Bar.

Nick’s articles have appeared in over 30 major health & Fitness magazines and he’s a regular contributor to: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, REPS, Muscle Mag, Status, Train Hard-Fight Easy, Fighters Only, FIGHT, LiveStrong.com, Bodybuilding.com, WannaBeBig.com and T-nation.com.

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29) Jen Ferrugia

If you’re wondering that last name looks familiar that’s because Jen is Jason Ferrugia’s wife.

Jen is a Professional Fitness Coach, Health Educator, Renegade Gym Co-owner, NPC Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model, Khaleesi (as she likes to call it) of the #RenegadeNation, and a sports fanatic.

Does it get any better?

Actually is does.

She’s spent the last 11 years in the teaching profession as a Health and Physical Educator and Coach, being an active member in the NEA, NJEA, and the NJAHPERD.

But wait there’s more.

She truly believe’s in training for functional strength using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, strongman implements and advanced bodyweight exercises, while maintaining her feminine look.

And more.

Jen is committed and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and am always experimenting with new recipes, different ways of eating, new training techniques, exercises, tips and tricks that I want to share with all of us.

Just to impress you more: She can do more chin ups than most guys – 17 chin ups to be exact! As well as a 108kg deadlift.

I’m loving all this females and heavy strength training, aren’t you? Inspiring huh?!

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30) Nate Green

Nate is a writer, coach, and hero in training. As a teenager, Nate took himself from a scrawny 65kg to an athletic 83kg.

His work has been featured in The LA Times, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and other media including the New York Times Bestseller “The 4-Hour Body”.

He is the author of Built for Show and the Hero Handbook.

This dude is pretty crazy. He’s written over 100 articles for major fitness magazines. But more importantly he has done some pretty crazy fitness related stuff.

Like put on a bunch of weight, lost a bunch of weight and put on a bunch of weight again. All for a good cause called the Bigger, Smaller, Bigger project.

It’s pretty cool. Check it out.

Currently, Nate lives the life of his dreams and writes stories, articles, coaching lessons and whatever else needs to be written at Precision Nutrition.

Follow Nate on twitter or Visit his blog

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Mike O’Donnell

31) Mike O’Donnell

He is better known as 2 Meal Mike.

I have been a huge supporter of his work personally for his simplicity.

These are his own word: “I’m the nut who promotes 2 meals/day, eating good food, drinking coconut oil coffee, and enjoying life every second of the day”.

Who want’s some of that hey? I know I do.

Mike has been a fitness trainer and coach for 12+ years promoting simple eating and exercise solutions. It seems we have a lot in common – Coincidence or what?

His programs are based on years of research, experience and getting people results.

Mike created “The IF Life” in 2008 as a place to help people break free from complicated solutions. Mike is also the author of the 2 Meal Solution

Follow Mike on twitter or Visit his blog

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Steve Kamb

32) Steve Kamb

Mr Kamb is the proud owner of a hugly popular and very unique blog called Nerd Fitness.

He specializes in helping desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes level up their lives.

His goal is to inspire the Hell out of you to make positive changes and live a better life.

Steve want’s to educate you on how to work out properly, cook a decent meal, and consistently improve your health and well being. Im in, are you?

Steve claims that he is NOT a fitness expert and I strongly argue with you that he is because  he run’s his site not from the perspective of a fitness expert with every degree known to man.

But as a normal guy down in the trenches with you – a nerd who sits at a computer all day long, loves to play video games, and really enjoys staying active while pushing myself to be in the best shape I can be.

His Nerd Fitness philosophy is ‘We exercise because it’s fun’, ‘We understand that 80% of our success in losing weight will be a direct results of what we eat’, ‘

Follow Steve on twitter or Visit his blog

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Alli McKee

33) Alli McKee

McKee is a Co-Founder of Girls Gone Strong, a awesome company that educates and inspires women around the world to embrace strength of body, mind and character.

She wants to expand her passion for fitness and nutrition with a mission to help and inspire other females via an empowering brand and resource like Girls Gone Strong.

Alli is also a fitness writer and model in the performance and physique industry.

Her work includes contributions to fitness websites, print magazines and book publications including Oxygen Magazine, Experience Life Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, FigureAthlete.com and The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged.

She is also on the board of fitness advisors for Schwarzenegger.com.

Alli says is driven by heart. Her training and dedication certainly proves that.

She believes in these overlapping lifestyles: living healthy, living authentically and living passionately.

Alli’s latest training interests are concentrated around conditioning and body weight mastery (Calisthenics) and she has recently become an avid practitioner of yoga.

This strong chick can bust out 1-arm pushups!

Follow Alli on twitter or Visit her blog

Must Read: Strong is both beautiful & bada**


Client Nielsen

34) Clint Nielsen

A fellow aussie, who has been living and breathing fitness and training for over 13 years.

Why wouldn’t you listen to someone that constantly floats under 10% body fat year round and feel happy and strong all of the time.

Clint says: ‘Ive been training and trialing hundreds of methods and found that most of them will help you reach your goals in a ‘round-about’ kind of way. I’ve learnt the hard way, so now im ready to share my knowledge with anyone who’ll listen.”

Im definintely ready are you?

His aim to provide fitness related information in an easy digestible and often humorous way.

That he does!

I have personally purchased his book ‘Reveal The Steel’ and it is the most honest, true and un-gimmicky training and nutrition book I have ever read and personally use myself.

Follow Clint on twitter or Visit his blog

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Chris Kresser

35) Chris Kresser

Is a health detective specializing in investigative medicine, blogger, podcaster, teacher and a Paleo diet and lifestyle enthusiast. Hectic!

He is a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine.

He’s discovered that many of the ideas and beliefs we hold about health in this society are myths and began to see that even the most prestigious medical journals have become nothing more than sales brochures for the pharmaceutical industry.

I hear ya Chris.

He also consults with patients nationally and internationally.

He has a very popular and in-depth podcast called Revolution Health Radio.

I highly recommend you check it out. I am a regular listener.

His series ‘Beyond Paleo’ is an excellent resource if you are a biased Paleo Eater like myself.

I have used his Beyond paleo methodology with some of my own clients and on myself and I have seen excellent improvements in health. Thanks Chris.

Follow Chris on twitter or Visit his blog

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Anthony Mycal

36) Anthony Mycal

Aka – The Fitness, Athletics, and Lifestyle Goonie.

That’s a definitely a first.

This dude is truly unique and their are none other like him.

His expertise is strength training, trickery, bodyweight training. He is a former skinny-fat ectomorph turned athletic physical culturist.

He also claims to be a “philosophical meathead with athletic ambitions”.

He’s been featured in some pretty cool places: T-Nation, Schwarzenegger.com, Elite FTS, My Mad Methods, Greatist, STACK, LIVESTRONG.com and some cool friend’s fitness blog’s.

Anthony’s ‘The Built With Three’ philosophy meshes performance and physique.

It’s for those that want to look seriously well built, do insanely cool stuff, and become more mindful of themselves.

As a dude, he’s a self-proclaimed performance junkie that practices martial arts tricking.

He splatters his ideas about building a body that matters on a weekly basis at his blog.

Follow Anthony on twitter or Visit his blog

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Kellie Davis

37) Kellie Davis

This lovely lady is creating a mother fitness revolution.

As a busy wife and mother she knows personally how hard it is to keep on top of your nutrition and exercise.

She calls herself the following: “Fit mama, professional writer, personal trainer, dreamweaver.” What you think?

Her personal philosophy that she strongly ahdere’s includes some of the following:

“Competing is the reward for my hard work. I don’t work hard to compete.

I am a wife, a mother, a writer, a friend, a sister, a daughter, then a competitor. I will not let my competing interfere with the other important parts of my life.

I love my body. I eat to nourish it, to build and repair tissue, to improve the function of my vital organs, to provide energy for my day, to increase my longevity. I do not eat to deprive, to malnourish, to obsess, or to damage my body.”

Kellie is a freelance writer who lives in Texas with her husband and two children. She graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University, works as a professional writer and health coach.

She can hip thrust 165kg! What can you do?

Follow Kellie on twitter or Visit her blog

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Dan Go

38) Dan Go

Intermittent Fasting Geek, Co-Creator of the Fat Loss Forever Program, Bachelor, Metrosexual, Ninja.

He describes himself as: ‘Fat Loss Ninja, Intermittent Fasting Aficionado, Somewhat Paleo Eater, BS’er (Breakfast skipper), and world traveler.”

Pretty cool huh?

Dan’s goal is to really simplify your journey towards yourideal body with simple tools that would also allow you to live a full lifestyle.

He call’s it living a Lean Body Lifestyle.

I have personally bought and used his product he did with John Romanello called ‘Fat Loss Forever’.

Dan is cool because he speaks very simply to the lay-person so its very easy to understand things.

He is a man in the trenches owning his own fitness business and practicing what preaches.

Follow Dan on twitter or Visit his blog

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Sean Hyson

39) Sean Hyson

Calls himself a fitness connoisseur.

He is the Group Training Director for Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Fitness magazines.

Sean has appeared on fitness and nutrition segments for several television shows, including MTV Hits and Good Day New York.

After years of Sean meeting fitness gurus and sifting through the enormous volume of training programs, diets, and supplements that have come across his desk—and being a guinea pig for more than a few of them he’s ready to share with you what’s worked for the greatest number of people most of the time, including himself.

He underwent a 12-week body transformation and lost 15kg while adding 22kg to his squat.

He ate no bread or cheese, drank no alcohol, and was in bed every night by 10:30.

Sean apparently loved (almost) every minute of it.

That’s what I call a real-world expert. Been there and done it himself.

Follow Sean on twitter or Visit his blog

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Rachel Guy

40) Rachel Guy

Is the Director of Athletic Fox Pty Ltd, Head Strength Coach at ‘Wimp 2 Warrior’ MMA, Presenter at The Takedown MMA, Sponsored Athlete of USN and a self-proclaimed Certified Tomboy!

Wow, that’s a handful.

Once again this is another female that can lift some serious weights. Just watch her on her youtube channel.

She lifts tyres, deadlifts, squats on a regular basis. Pretty much trains like a man.

Recurring theme anyone?

She has been in the industry for 12 years in both the UK and Australia. She is now regarded as one of Sydney’s most popular female trainers and physical therapists.

Rachel writes monthly “Ask the Expert” columns for Mens Fitness and Shape Magazines in addition to being a main contributor to “On Duty” magazine.

She is known for her passion and having a tough ‘No BS’ approach to training and getting rapid yet sustainable results for her clients.

Rachel is the unique blend of academic experience and ‘in the trenches’ experience as a strength coach and fitness model competitor.

Follow Rachel on twitter or Add her on facebook

Must Watch: 140kg Barbell Glute Bridges


After 7,237 words and a lot of procrastination I have finally got this post up.

This has taken so long for me to put together because I wanted to give everyone of my ‘experts’ the credit they deserved. I hope I did that?


Hopefully I can continue to build up TimboNation and provide an epic amount of value too.

Let me know if there is something you would like to read, learn about here or if you have any ideas on what direction you would like me to take.

I’m always open to ideas.

Your Turn…

As usual, in these kind of lists, there is always somebody left out. But I wanted to to share on a personal note who have been the people that shape my life, career, nutrition, exercise, etc.

I’m sure there are lots of cool people and blogs delivering epic content that I didn’t include.

So why don’t you help me by adding your favourite fitness experts and participating in the discussion by adding in the comments!

19 thoughts on “40 Game-Changing Fitness Experts Shaping The Industry

  1. Warwick Latta ·

    I would add Jodie Parker- killer trainer on the Northern Beaches, IFBB pro athlete and world figure shaping champion!

    1. Tim ·

      Thanks bro. I actually havent heard of her

  2. EX RBT ·

    Travis Jones an expert in the fitness industry? No. Expert in marketing? Yes. He’s an “entrepreneur” and that’s about it.

    His programs are poorly put together and the communication is ATROCIOUS to the point of dangerous. I did a 28-Day online program (not cheap) and not once was there a mention of the correct way to warm up (actually…we were never told to warm up) and the technique ‘coaching’ was left to simply linking to other peoples YouTube instructional videos. Members of my program were dropping like flies from serious injuries.

    And aside from the exercise portion, we had to virtually beg for information on what we needed to buy, what to eat and when. And while he can’t be blamed for being close to illiterate, he cant seriously expect people to pay for programs where the written material is close to nonsensical and supplied about 5 seconds before you need it. Some supplied documents were so badly produced they simply prompted all the participants in my group posting questions on Facebook (most of which went unanswered).

    Follow him on Facebook – you’ll pretty soon see his updates are all about his newest brand, next gym branch or his latest holiday. None of it is about client care, safety or providing a professional product. It’s only a matter of time before a client in his online program has a serious injury and sues him. Perhaps then he’ll worry less about his next holiday and more about duty of care.

    I should stress I don’t believe he is being malicious in any way – he’s just unprofessional which is putting people at risk.

    1. timbojames ·

      Interesting opinion ‘EX RBT’. Why do you hide your name and why are you using my picture as your gravatar?

    2. TJ ·

      Sorry you feel this way Ex RBT.

      I have had thousands of people who participated the T28 program for consecutive months and loved it, so it’s sad that you had a bad experience when so many others did have a life changing time.

      I give as much as I can for free on facebook and help people where I can, if you see only pics of my latest ventures then you are only seeing 10% of what I post.

      If you would like to email me at tj@resultbasedtraining.com.au please feel free to discuss anything you would like.

      Other then that, thanks for taking the time out today for writing the above, it shows you care.


  3. Sam ·

    I would add Jonathan Bailor – Smarter Science of Slim. Excellent book, excellent podcasts for those who want to learn about nutrition.

    1. timbojames ·

      Funny you say that sam coz after I published the post I realized i forgot to include him. I’ve read his book too, excellent read

  4. zenrunner ·

    Only 9 women? Where’s Jillian?

    1. TimboNation ·

      Yeah I tried to make it as gender friendly as possible. But these are all the people that I look up to personally. Jillian michaels?

  5. TimboNation ·

    I’ve never heard of him?

  6. Liam Trott ·

    Most of the training I do is bodyweight exercises at home as I don’t have the money for a gym membership, I’ve always found the information offered by Al Kavadlo to be really useful and base most of my workouts on his instructional videos…

    1. TimboNation ·

      Liam – I only recently discovered Al Kavadlo stuff. Im slowly getting there with handstand push ups

  7. Ric ·

    No Erwan Le Corre? Hard to miss that one.

  8. Dave ·

    I would have mentioned Zuzana Light. She was a co-founder of Bodyrock TV, has nearly 140,000 Facebook followers, 138,000+ YouTube subscribers and speaking as a guy who’s not really into cardio-type training, I have still picked up some good exercises from watching her, such as explosive lunges.

    1. TimboNation ·

      Zuzana Light has some good workouts

  9. joijij ·

    thanks for the cool resource.

    PS you should spell-check your blog

    1. TimboNation ·

      hey joijij – thanks for heads up. please point out any mistakes you see. thanks

  10. Todd ·

    Nate Miyaki and John Meadows for sure

  11. Jonesy ·

    David Tate or Louie Simmons didnt make this list…….interesting

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