The Only 2 Meals You’ll Ever Need To Drop Fat, Stay Lean and Strong

This post is going to be very short and to the point.

Looking your best, feeling your best and dropping body fat is simple. Not easy, SIMPLE.

Yes it requires work but when you have a proven plan for success it is simple. Here at this blog we are all about SIMPLICITY.

Cutting out the rubbish and presenting the important facts and evidence that actually matters.

In my time working one on one with clients, I have come to realize a very obvious pattern among all my clients that have hit their goal on a consistent basis.

When going back and looking at what they did, It was very common to see the base of what they ate were revolved around two meals, and two meals only.

Nothing complicated, no ‘top secret ninja tactics’ or anything like that. Just two very simple and consistent meals that their daily routine included.

Effortlessly Drop Body Fat  and Stay Healthy and Strong With These 2 Meals

Each meal covers:

  • What to eat and drink
  • When to eat it
  • How much to eat

If you’re exercising, then both plates are optimal. If you’re not exercising then you don’t need the second (post-workout) meal.

The Anytime Meal

The first of the 2 meals is called an ‘anytime meal’. This plate is for anyone who doesn’t currently exercise. For those currently working out then this meal is any meal except the first meal post-workout.

Anytime Plate
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What’s The Anytime Meal?

As you can see most of the plate is high fibre and low-calorie vegetables. The protein helps with your naughty appetite, helps maintain and build lean muscle tissue, and gives the metabolism a run for its money.

The healthy fat offers a bucket-load of benefits. Obviously the best choice for drink is water or tea. Add some lemon if you’re feeling funky.

I’m not a big fat of counting calories, so the best way to get the portion sizes right is: If you’re smaller than choose smaller plates, if you’re bigger then use biggest plates (don’t go to overboard).

A nice little tip too is not to eat till your absolutely stuffed, or even completely full. John Beradi so smartly recommends eating till you’re 80% full. As it takes 10-20 minutes for your hunger & appetite cues to kick in.

I recommend minimising, if not cutting out completely starchy carbs (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.) until your first meal after your workout. And getting the most fresh, unprocessed produce that is organic is the best choice.

The Post-Workout Meal

The second plate has got the very cool ‘intelligently looking’ name of “The Post-Workout Meal”.

The post-workout meal is ONLY for those who do some type of intense workout. Eat a Post-Workout meal roughly 30 – 60 minutes after your workout.

The Anytime Meal
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What’ The Post-Workout Meal?

The reason why we have this meal here is because of what’s’ called ‘Nutrient Timing’. Basically in layman terms, certain types of food are better eaten at certain times of the day.

This meal includes starchy carbs and protein because the body is much more efficient at digestive them straight after your workout.

Just as a like an insurance policy: add a mix of vegetables and 1-2 pieces of fruit to round it out.

The fat is kept lower for the post-workout meals. Unfortunately fat slows down digestion and the digestions of the protein and carbs. Straight after you workout you want to get those nutrients straight into the body as fast as you can to help with recovery.

You want to get most of your fat during the anytime meals throughout the day. So carbs up, fat down in post-workout meal, fat up and carbs down during every other meal. Simple right?

The portion size is slightly larger in the meal too but adjust according to your size. Smaller size, smaller plates, bigger size, bigger plates.

Food selection still stays the same here. Whole unprocessed food here as much as you can, local and organic is possible. Just because this meal says carbs that doesn’t mean cookies, cake, donuts, etc.

Simplicity + Real World Results = The Perfect Meal

The anytime meal and post-workout meal above are far more easier, better and optimal than the current food pyramid, MyPlate recommendations that are out there. Especially for those people working their butt’s off in the gym.

At the end of the day the two meals are based on simplicity, and above all real-world results from not only my own clients but thousands of others too.

Action Steps: 

  1. Start with 1 of the following meals and implement them straight away
  2. Drop me a comment below if you are already currently having these meals
  3. Share this article with someone you think might benefit from this

I’d like to thank John Beradi and Precision Nutrition for the awesome pictures and advice


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